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My Grandfathers Name Was On It!



As a young boy I had a sense early on that my grandfather, who I never knew because he passed away before I was born, was a great person. My mother (who idolized her dad) never missed an opportunity to tell me how much I was like him and how he would have loved me, whenever I did something kind, generous or skillfully.

So many stories were told by her of how he would help others and represent pride and honor in every aspect of his life, I began to wonder if this was just the love of a child for her father or an actual great human being.

One day many years later I was helping my mother clean out her nightstand in preparation for a move and there amongst her prized possessions, was a beautiful wooden plaque with my grandfather’s last name on it. I asked mom what it was for and she told me that he insisted on hanging his last name from the sign over his business. She went on to tell me of his feeling, that when you put your name on something it is the most valuable thing you have and you must act accordingly.

On the back of this sign of honor there was an old yellowish newspaper clipping laminated there. Mom said that her dad carried this clipping in his wallet for most of his adult life and laminated it to his very important nameplate when he retired, as if they should always be together.     

The clipping told of an old world craftsman that made good by bringing his skills to America. In the spirit of how things were done those days and of what was important to my grandfather, this craftsman turned his blessings into opportunity for others by sharing his knowledge with apprentices.

One day after many years of loyal service the two apprentices were granted an opportunity to show what they could do. Each was given a budget and a full supervisory position in building a home for the craftsman’s company.

The first applied every aspect of what he was taught over the years and meticulously constructed a fine home that anyone would be proud to put his name on.

The second seeing this opportunity as a contest decided to apply some of his own concepts. He felt that by using lesser grade materials and cutting corners in places that wouldn’t be recognized by the untrained eye, he would bring his project in under budget and impress his boss with a new way of making money. 

One could only imagine their surprise when the craftsman awarded each of the apprentices the house they built as a gift for their many years of service.

In my grandfathers spirit I make sure that whatever I do is worthy of hanging my name on.


Matthew Lombardi




Our Parent Company
Absolute Security Alarms LLC
    • 28 Years of Electronic Security Experience
    • Trainer of Top Quality Alarm Companies
    • Best Consumer Reviews in the Industry
    • Local and Loved Alarm Services


When I started Marine Guard Yacht Security I put my 25 years of electronic security industry knowledge to the task of locating the finest available security platforms, for the marine environment.

I was taken aback to see how many companies were marketing modified residential systems as marine alarms. Diligent research narrowed the field to only a few worthy manufacturers and my concerns as a working industry consumer advocate quickly narrowed the field even more.

We were looking for one system to recommend as the finest available and were so happy to find the MarineGuard system to meet the expected high quality standards of Marine Guard Yacht Security and discriminating yacht owners everywhere.

For hardwired applications there is nothing in our educated opinion that can live up to the Sure Action MarineGuard product. The MarineGuard product line was developed just to fill a need in the marine industry.

As boat theft increased worldwide, reliable security devices, that could withstand the harsh marine environment and not be falsely activated by a boat's movement on the water or against a dock, were not available on the market. The manufacturers recognized that the Pulsor (Sure Action’s Invention) could be adapted to withstand marine conditions and were ideal for the boating application.

MarineGuard just introduced its 5th generation of MarineGuard security products. All MarineGuard control panels are in NMEA III enclosures, coated with a weather protector and all Deck Sensors (marine version of the Pulsor) are sealed and use marine-grade wire.

In a world where products are designed to have a short shelf-life, MarineGuard products continue to be designed with longevity in mind. Our MarineGuard products are epoxy sealed or coated with a weather-proofing sealant to protect components from sunlight, wind, rain, saltwater and more.

Marine Guard Yacht Security is a proud member of the MarineGuard Network and your source for these high quality systems.

MarineGuard systems can communicate with the vessel owner and assigned supervisors through both cellular communications for local protection and/or satellite communications for world wide protection.

I make myself always available to help you choose the right systems to meet your vessels security and supervisory condition needs. I’m committed to creating a customer service experience that is above and beyond at all times.

At Your Service!


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